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The 5 Best Fertilizer for Hydrangeas Reviews in 2021

Best Fertilizer for Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are beautiful and one of the most popular flowers out there. They tend to flourish during the growing season with the help of supplements in the form of fertilizers and light soil that drains quickly. Although many people say you need to fertilizer them a few times per year, hydrangea do not require extra plant food!

Have you ever wanted to have a garden that is as beautiful and vibrant as those in movies? Well, if so then it’s time for you to find the right fertilizer. Hydrangeas are one of many plants which can be improved with fertilizers by boosting growth or adding color vibrancy. They’re also known for their beauty but may need help from other sources if they want them on your lawn this year!

Top 5 Fertilizers for Hydrangeas Reviews in 2021

1. 185001 Miracle-Gro Miracid Fertilizer: A water soluble fertilizer

9.8/10 our score

It doesn’t matter if you’re a plant enthusiast or not. You’ve probably seen some of the most striking examples of gorgeous flowers in your life, and it’s all because those plants are getting fed by this product. The best part is that applying every other week ensures beautiful blooms will continue to grow on these azaleas, rhododendrons as well as hydrangea bushes!

With this fertilizer, you are sure to notice how your plants will grow at twice the speed. It takes effect right after it is applied and not only strengthens roots but also feeds leaves as well! You can safely use this product directly on plant without harming them in any way.

This amazing fertilizer is perfect for plants that prefer acidic soil and dissolves in water. It provides two-times the feeding action through both leaves and roots, starts working instantly to provide quick results, promotes beautiful blooms while developing a strong root system.

2. Hoffman 66505 Aluminum Sulfate

9.7/10 our score

Aluminium sulfate is the active ingredient in Hoffman’s product, which changes your flowers blue. The packet comes with up to 4 pounds of plant food and should last you a decent number of plants before needing more if used at an appropriate rate for your garden or flower bed.

This fertilizer is perfect for anyone who wants to see their plant life thrive! By adding this supplement directly into the soil, your plants will not only look beautiful but also be able to withstand tougher conditions. This product can help make any type of acid-loving flowers or shrubs flourish and grow beautifully with just a couple simple steps so it’s worth trying out if you want an experience that guarantees instant results!

3. Espoma Soil Acidifier Fertilizer – GSUL6

9.4/10 our score

Espoma is a company that makes fertilizers for plants, and their products can help to keep your hydrangeas looking beautiful. This product contains minerals of high purity which will break down the soil so it has better drainage while also controlling PH in order to make sure its right on target with what you need.

Espoma’s fertilizer is great if you want good quality planting nutrients as well as an acidifier for your garden bedding plant needs!

It’s the beginning of the gardening season and you’re all set to spend your weekend working in some soil; just make sure that fertilizer is on hand. When it comes to fertilizing, timing matters: using this during early spring gives plants more time for adjustment before summer heat sets in so they can grow better than ever.

Espoma Soil Acidifier is a highly effective and long-lasting product that reduces soil’s pH to provide optimum plant growth.

  • The acidifying effect of Espoma Soil Acidifier lasts for several months, providing your plants with the nutrients they need to flourish.
  • Use as soil amendments as well as for fertilizing.

4. J R Peters Inc 59324 Jacks Classic No. 7-3-3 Hydrangea Fertilizer

8.5/10 our score

The J R Peters Inc. fertilizer is water-soluble and contains aluminum sulfate, as well as micronutrients that are required for Hydrangea to grow well. One thing we found out was the flower colors can’t be changed from white to any other color by this fertilizer but it will keep your blue ones looking beautiful with luscious leaves and a gorgeous hue of blue!

This fertilizer can take up to three weeks for it to start showing its effects. Once the plant starts looking healthier, leaves will be thick and green with a healthy sheen over them while flowers, after they bloom, are noticeably bigger-looking than before.

5. Bonide Products INC 705 037321007050 Aluminum Sulfate

8.4/10 our score

This Bonide Products is an all-purpose aluminum sulfate for acid-loving plants with pH needs of below 6.0, such as azaleas and Rhododendrons. Comprised of a low salt type formulation, this product also helps turn Hydrangeas blue (turning them purple in the event that they are pink).

Suitable for sandy soils, loamy soil and clay soil alike. This product can be mixed into the top layer of your garden or applied by watering it on directly at a rate of 2 ounces per tomato plant; perfect to ensure gardens grow the healthy way!


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